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The President Woodrow Wilson House, a National Historic Landmark and model presidential site, offers an intimate look at one of America’s most consequential presidents.  View authentic objects from the White House and elaborate gifts of state.  This Embassy Row house is a living textbook of “modern” American life in the 1920s and serves as a space to explore issues of international relations, race, and women’s rights – issues that still resonate today.


Interested in helping to re-imagine the traditional historic house tour? Eager to engage in public dialogue on critical issues of our time?  Are you a quick learner, creative and adaptable?  Wilson House is looking for museum guides as we move towards a new interpretation of this historic site.    -more- 


Events to remember at Woodlawn

Donations to the Woodrow Wilson House help us to achieve our mission of preserving the Woodrow Wilson House and educating the public about the history and legacy of our 28th President.

Woodrow Wilson House

Explore the history of the Woodrow Wilson House, home to President and Mrs. Wilson. Photo by Todd A. Smith Photography